Monday, June 5, 2017

Silk and Wool Landscapes - Beth Berman

I got the idea for these from a woman who stitched layers of fabric together with decorative stitches. I thought about landscapes because I had already started a landscape series with batiked fabrics. These landscapes were matted and framed at 4.75 inches square.

Acid dyed silks and a few wools

My palette

Wool/Acrylic thread (Madeira Lana)


Summer time

In a 9" square shadow box frame


These lead me to the deconstructed screens and thermofax work I wrote about Friday. I love how one thing leads to another.

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  1. I like these small paintings very much, looks great. Do picture frames have glass?

    1. Yes. They are such beautiful frames for dimensional fiber work.

  2. Beautiful wee inspirations! Thank you!

  3. I have one in my office and I love it!

  4. Beautiful! I love what you are inspired to create! I have followed you for a very long time. I am just very quiet. Looking forward to more post!

  5. Stunningly beautiful! just the way i love to play with snips and bobs from larger pieces of work, not scaps but more like inspiration for new concepts.
    And your work is wonderful!

  6. Really lovely pieces, Beth. I certainly will continue to follow you!

  7. Beautiful landscapes. Inspiring!


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